ZHA and Cortet ZM3588S-USB or ZM357S-USB EM35x USB Sticks by CEL?

Anyone tested if these EM3588 / EM357 based radios are compatible with ZHA (EZSP) out-of-the-box?

EM35x based USB dongles in the “Cortet” series by CEL (California Eastern Laboratories):

CEL Cortet ZM3588S-USB (EM3588)

CEL Cortet ZM357S-USB (EM357)

Also, they have matching models come in LR (long-range) versions:

CEL Cortet ZM3588S-USB-LR (EM3588)

CEL Cortet ZM357S-USB-LR (EM357)

If they don’t work out-of-the-box has anyone tried to flash them with newer Silabs EmberZNet firmware?

They are not expensive and seem to be sold all around the world by major electronics distributors.

The documentation says they support Silicon Labs EmberZNet PRO ZigBee stack and serial interface:



I’m not asking for buying advice as already have adapters but requesting info for ZHA compatibility list:

PS: Found one mentioned in OpenHAB Supported Coordinators under ZigBee Binding documentation.

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