ZHA and Lidl lights (Silvercrest) Color temp slider

Hi all,

This may be a stupid question, but I am not very experienced with HA so I try my luck at this community.

I have connected all my Lidl color lights via the Conbee II stick and ZHA integration. On default there was always this temperature slider for every light:


I used this slider to set the correct light temperature, because the brightness of the Lidl lights is really bad when a color is chosen from the Color wheel. But now the slider is not present anymore, I can only use the color wheel?

What is the cause of this change? Is it an update of Home Assistant itself or from the ZHA intergration? What can I do to get it back?


I also have a Lidl Silvercrest LED bulb which shows up in Zigbee as a LivarnoLux Bulb TS0505A.
[Note several different devices are mapped to TS0505A - mine shows up as S0505A by _TZ3000_dbou1ap4]

About two releases ago, this was exposed as a colour bulb, but the white was generated from R+G+B so was pretty poor. There was a PR to change the Zigbee definition for the device to a simple LED bulb which turned it into a decently bright white LED bulb, but removed all colours.

I don’t have the original link, but found a related issue for the TS0505A.

What our devices really need is a Zigbee definition in the HASS integration that recognises the device as R+G+B+Cool+Warm - effectively 4 or 5 sets of LEDs to map to white colour temp OR colour.

Under ‘Zigbee info’, my device lists Quirk: zhaquirks.lidl.rgbcct.RGBCCTLight showing the integration doesn’t use what the bulb exports, but a “quirk”.

Now, it appears we can crate our own custom quirk and install it locally to test.

Not something I’ve managed to do yet, but at least a partial explanation might help!

[edited to add my exact device type]

Thank you for your answer! I will look into it.

Mine indeed showes up as TS0505A as well.

After the latest update of Home Assistant core, the slider is back.

The release notes for 2022.08 include the line:

The PR itself separates colour from colour temperature - which fits as these bulbs have both RGB and 2x white.

I’m happy to report that my LivarnoLux Bulb TS0505A (S0505A by _TZ3000_dbou1ap4) also is controllable for RGB and colour temperature - fixed by David! :slight_smile:


Hello, I just switched to Home Assistant yesterday and all works great except my Lidl RGBCW light, I cant change the color. How did you manage to get it to work?

All the details are linked above - fixed in HASS release 2022.08

Sadly, replying to two year old threads doesn’t usually lead to insight.

I’d instead recommend starting a new thread with the exact model / details of your bulb as Lidl / Aldi kit tens to change manufacturer / chipset / software regularly.

The Zigbee integration (likely ZHA) should get the manufacturer / model code from the firmware and apply any “quirks” (special fixes for buggy non-standard behaviour). This is what changed back in 2022.08 and added back colour to my device.

weird… I just linked it to my HA (I installed it last month, latsest stable build) And it is not working…