ZHA and UZG-01 PoE LAN

I can’t figure this out, I just got an UZG-01 and when I try to install it I get the error in the video. This HA instance is my main setup and had a Xiaomi coordinator that I removed/restarted etc. I can add back the old coordinator with no issue.
No error in logs about this. What can I check? where to start?
Checked with a fresh HA VM in VirtualBox and I can add the UZG-01 and it works.

Why do you ‘add integration’ ‘Zigbee’ instead of clicking on ‘Configure’ on the discovered UZG-01 ?

It doesn’t matter how I try to add it. I have tried multiple ways even with HA in safe mode still the same result.

ok, figure it out after countless try an error I narrowed it down to https redirection.
I host HA in docker under Synology NAS and have configured redirection http to https so I can use it outside. Once I accessed it without the redirection using 8123 port the UZG-01 installed with no error.