[ZHA] Aqara door/window sensor get lost after timeout

Hi, I have several Aqara door/window sensors in my house and they work well, as long as they are triggered at least once within the timeout for battery devices set in the ZHA configuration.

If they are not triggered for a long time, they are set as “not available”. If you then trigger them, they will no longer be recognized. You have to reconnect them.

I have already set the timeout to 24 hours (default 6 hours), but that did not change anything.

How can I ensure the function without running through the house every day and opening all windows and doors once (doesn’t work on vacation) or setting the timeout to infinite?

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Some of my Aqara sensors have this problem (not all).

I switched to Sonoffs and the problem has not repro’d with those.

I assume that it has to do with routing or the distance between the Aqara devices and the Skyconnect. I have two Aqara at the basement windows. Both have the same problem. Other sensors work well.

That can’t be a coincidence. Maybe the routing devices (Ikea light bulbs) are the problem. Maybe I need something from Hue or other brands with higher quality devices for routing.

I added some Hue bulbs to the basement. If I look at the (really buggy) visualization I see that all Aqara sensors are connected to the Skyconnect or to a Hue device. They ignore all Ikea routers.

Maybe that is the problem. The closest router device to the basement sensors was the coordinator. And this was too far away. Now the sensors can rout over the Hue bulbs. But they still ignore the Ikea bulbs.

The viz is horribly buggy indeed.

I am punished for speaking too soon. Three Sonoffs have gone AWOL this weekend. God dammit.