ZHA - Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) same event by pushing a different button


I am trying to use my double rocker aqara wireless swich using zha. I have paired it using my conbee 2 and it is reconized as “LUMI lumi.remote.b28ac1”.

Now I try to use the event listener, I filter by “zha_event” and I am able to see the event on it. The problem is that if I press the left or the right button there is not difference in the output.

Any idea about what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

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I have the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?

Not yet, I switched to deconz and there it works but I could not use this blueprint.

Same problem here except it’s a Sonoff CC2531 and not a Conbee II.

I’ve tried this blueprint ZHA - Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) but didn’t work with my b28ac1.

Same here with a Conbee / ZHA.

I see only the “toggle” event, regardless whether I press once, twice, or hold the button pressed for a long time. And I cannot distinguish which of the buttons was pressed.

This is with the later HA docker image, and ConBee flashed to the newest firmware, if that matters.

According to Aqara H1 Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) (WRS-R02) Zigbee compatibility, it supports ZIGBEE2MQTT and DECONZ. I am trying to set up with Conbee / ZHA, no luck so far.

EDIT: Found related issue on zha-device-handlers [Device Support Request] Aqara H1 wireless switch double rocker (model WRS-R02) · Issue #940 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub. So the only available solution, for now, is to switch to ZIGBEE2MQTT or DECONZ.