ZHA, cc2513 and aqara cube: only getting battery information

I am trying to get ZHA to register aqara cube through the cc2513. I have got the cube to be discovered by ZHA but it is only showing me the sporadic battery levels. The cc2513 that i am using is from the itead website. This is all that i am getting from ZHA:

zha_events is also not registering anything!

Is ZHA able to handle the cube yet? what am i missing? Or should i just move to zigbee2mqtt?

You might need to turn, twist and shake the cube for all the sensors to be recognised during the pairing process. At least that’s happening with ZHA.

I tried doing that, but unfortunately it seems that when I am twisting and shaking the device, the connection is being hindered, causing it to timeout.

I have however been getting zha_events, so i am considering using event sensor to represent the cube. It is not very clean, but a not to bad work around!

You will not get a sensor in HA, only deconz_events.
I’ve set the cube up here in Deconz, and it works very well.
One thing though, I would make sure it is paired in the room it is supposed to be used in, not close to the gateway, as it will create a route though available routers, and it’s better the route is correct from the first attempt.
It will reroute if it has to, but routes are quite sticky in zigbee in my experience.

These will show up as zha_event not as a sensor. Also if you use the automation panel, you can select the actions from there as triggers