ZHA Cluster Commands with Arguments

I see in the 0.86 release the ZHA config panel added the ability to call 0-arg cluster commands. I also see that the “zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command” service has the “args” argument.

My questions is, can I issue cluster commands with arguments using the “zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command” service? If yes, how do I specify the “args” and what is the correct document to reference?

I found this pdf that seem to document all the different cluster commands and their arguments but they appear to just be referring to some C structs with members named things like “u16TransitionTime”.

Here’s an automation service data from the automations UI that I use to set light transitions to 0 on a bulb if it gets turned off at the switch.

  "attribute": "19",
  "cluster_id": "8",
  "endpoint_id": "3",
  "ieee": "84:18:26:00:00:00:d1:df",
  "value": "0"

Could you elaborate on this, or recommend some reading material on how this works?