ZHA compatibility Xiaomi/Philips Hue/Blitzwolf/Osram/Lidl

Hi All,

I am currently using Deconz with the conbee II. I am very happy with the stability but less so with full compatibility with a wide range of devices.

The biggest issue for me is with power usage not being sent back from Blitzwolf and Osram power sockets (I can switch them on and off)

I am contemplating moving to ZHA but worried I might create more issues than I solve.

Can anyone give feedback/Experience with ZHA and the following devices?

Smart Cube
Mi power socket
Vibration sensor
Light intensity sensor

Philips Hue
Standard bulb

Bar Light
LED strip
Power socket

ZHA worked well for me with Conbee II and the Lidl power socket, LED strip and bulbs. For the Xiaomi stuff it’s worked well with the Temp/Humidity & Motion (PIR) sensor.
ZHA works well for me with ZZH and all the above plus the Door/Window sensor.
I can’t comment on the Blitzwolf/Osram products or Hue.

Thanks for the feedback @mandelbug . So you haven’t tested the Door/Window sensor with the Conbee II and ZHA? (I assume it shouldn’t make a difference with the coordinator)

Do you find that the ZZH is better than the Conbee II?

Correct, I haven’t connected the Door/Window Sensors via Conbee II to ZHA. They are connected via ZZH. I can’t see it being an issue though to be fair.
I am not 100% sure how much of a difference there is between the two. I still use the Conbee II as I have an IKEA FYRTUR blind which doesn’t work so well with the ZZH (I can’t find the GitHub where it mentioned using a broadcast message) I am using V3 firmware with the ZZH. Certainly no complaints with performance of devices, they respond fast when asking them to switch on etc