ZHA Component - Issues with Zigbee reliability

I’ve got very few zigbee devices, and I can’t seem to get a reliable setup. I have HASS.IO installed on a PI 3 using the HUSBZB-1 USB stick as a zigbee hub. I have a few Sengled bulbs and Visonic door sensors. After a restart everything works great, but it doesn’t take long for my Zigbee devices to all stop responding. I’ve searched around and see some stating this is just a bug, but in my experience I had a rock solid Zigbee setup, and have gone back and forth between a reliable setup and a buggy one. Can anyone offer some advice for a permanent fix? I’m really close to just forgetting Zigbee altogether and getting hue bulbs and Xiaomi door sensors to replace the last of my remaining Zigbee hardware.

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Your setup is not very reliable at all, especially if the devices are not in relatively close proximity to the stick itself.

Visonic sensors do work (I have a bunch), but they have a VERY limited range.

The biggest problem is that Sengeled bulbs do not act as a repeater. (REFERENCE)

You don’t have a mesh network if those are your only devices.

EDIT: I should add that I have about 14 Zigbee devices including 9 Visonic open/close sensors, 2 Centralite (SmartThings) open/close sensors, 1 Centralite (SmartThings) switch, 1 Centralite (SmartThings) motion sensor, and 1 Sengeled bulb. The only device in that mix that repeats is the switch, so I chose to not use it for anything and just place it in a strategic location that allowed more remote sensors to work. If I could go back in time, I would have never bought SmartThings and anything Zigbee. My setup works reliably, but the standard is a mess.

I’m quite sure distance isn’t the issue. I’ve had stable connectivity in the past with these same devices.

I’ve also tried only pairing 2 of my Sengled bulbs, both of which are about 10 ft from my hub. The issue is always the same, instant update status and solid connection for the first 30 or so minutes after a reboot, then nothing Zigbee works, 1 ft. away or 100 ft.

Did you ever figure this out. I spent the last week learning the system, but the Zigbee issue is pushing me towards SmartThings again. Which I hate.

I just don’t understand why I’m having issues.

Sort of. I may have had too many zigbee devices because now things seem to run smoothly. If I have an issue with a zigbee device going offline a restart won’t fix it for me. I have to do an actual reboot of the pi.
Just to avoid any headaches I made an automation that runs a 4am to reboot the pi with the condition of a zha.sengled_bulb being in an offline state. I just added it the other day so I haven’t needed it yet, but hoping this will keep things running smoothly.