Zha configuration

When I add the zha integration the configuration for this integration some settings are not added in configuration.yaml. For example, searching for the port (9999) doesn’t return anything in the hass configuration directory. So, where is that data stored?

Another piece of configuration is the radio type. In my case that’s ezsp. That’s also something I want to configure via the CLI, not via the GUI.

I would like to be able to deploy my configuration without any clicking in user interfaces. How can I achieve that?

You can‘t. Provisioning HA from scratch using configuration.yaml has been discarded.

Btw.: The settings are inside .storage/core.config _entries. Don‘t mess with anything in .storage!

Is there a competitor of HA, which does things in a sane way then?

IMHO HA is doing fine and with respect to HA OS and the designated target audience having visual configuration flows along a backup/restore option is valid.

You usually don‘t set up HA instances from scratch frequently.

You usually don‘t set up HA instances from scratch frequently.

I do, because I want to develop on HA in one location and deploy in a different, harder to reach location (which also has a much slower computer running, making it practically impossible to do anything remotely complicated in another way).

It’s enough reason for me to see whether there are alternatives, even though just by mere momentum HA might be in the lead now.

While I generally agree with your sentiment about removing the ability to configure some things via yaml (but not to the extremes as you - I don’t mind most things in UI so far) the reason why HA is in lead isn’t just due to “momentum”. It really is the best home automation platform around because of the flexibility and power that it has to do so many things well.

Hopefully the dev team doesn’t loose sight of the ball and try to dumb things down too much for the masses. But I doubt they will. :crossed_fingers:

As far as configuring on one machine and deploying on another it’s pretty easy even with the UI config limitations.

All you need to do is install HA on the remote machine and then copy the entire contents of the config directory (even the hidden ones) from the local machine to the new machine.