ZHA Curtain Module Hidden Button

I recently bought a ZigBee curtain module on AliExpress. I have calibrated it with clusters and the calibration has worked but for some reason I can only close the blind via the UI. Whether I stop the blind at 50%, close it or open it, the open button is hidden.
I was going to buy a new one and replace it but have now seen that I can open it via cover.open and it works perfectly in automations.

Is there a way to show all buttons in the UI?

it’s a TS130F / _TZ3210_ol1uhvza Module

There is a ZHA quirk for the TS130F. Does that appear on the Device Info card?

If not you might try applying it as a custom quirk.

I have the same module.
How did you calibrate it with clusters?

Also, whenever I use the UI for it, the whole of ZHA crashes…