ZHA device firmware upgrades?

Is it possible to upgrade firmwares on devices through ZHA? From what I’ve read, deconz can do this.

Just as a note deconz and zigbee2mqtt can do this, but you are limited, and to my knowledge only ikea updates. we need to hope for other vendors start to release the updates public or find someone that can sniff out firmwares

Yes you can update device firmware from ZHA as the zigpy library it depends on supports OTA updates.

Currently zigpy only has OTA update providers for IKEA & Ledevance, but any developer can add more.

Provider publicly available URLs for OTA firmware image download from more manufactures are slowly being discovered by open-source communities/projects, and different open-source communities/projects have so far at least found public URL providers for device firmware from IKEA, Ledvance, Osram, Philips HUE, Salus, Computime, Sengled, and Ubisys.

It is described here:

It still needs to be explicitly enabled manually per vendor via YAML configuration file for ZHA so no UI:


FYI, you can also manually download and add many additional OTA firmware images from here:


ZHA otherwise still only support automatic OTA download for IKEA and Ledvance devices as of yet.


Just in process to move all my IKEA devices over from IKEA gateway to ZHA with a Conbee2 stick.

Have seen some guides how to upgrade firmware and tried to implement it using zigpy:

I cannot see that any updates have been downloaded to the zigpy_ota folder.

Does anyone have a complete guide for dummies how to get IKEA devices firmware updated thru ZHA automatically or manually?



Link from above → https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/fak430/how_to_update_your_ikea_or_ledevance_firmware/

Hi Hedda,

I checked that article before, but running my HA in Docker on a Synology NAS and dont have all those choices available to check manually for updates.
I will wait some time and see if the logs will report anything and see if the zigpy_ota folder receives any files.


It is strongly recommended not to run Home Assistant in Docker directly in DSM on a Synology NAS.

Do a backup of Home Assistant then install “Home Assistant OS” or “Home Assistant Supervised” on a VM (Virtual Machine) or a computer like a Raspberry Pi instead and then restore the backup to it.


FYI, pipiche38 also had an interesting project to get OTA firmware URLs via Wireshark Zigbee sniffing:



I suggest to read my comment in a more recent thread which involves using zha-toolkit (script + service): OTA updates in ZHA - #3 by le_top