Hello folks.

I’m using hassio in a docker on Ubuntu.
ZHA integration

I have a lot of xiaomi sensors and from what I’ve read, this package is needed to add more features to my sensors (eg battery level).


I saw the guidlines but I have some doubts:

* Create a device class extending CustomDevice or a derivitave of it
* Use an existing handler as a guide. signature and replacement dicts are required. Include the SimpleDescriptor entry for each endpoint in the signature dict above the definition of the endpoint in this format:

I’m standing at this first point. My experience in ubuntu is minimal. Can you point me in a direction? Any documentation?

then at point 2, I think it is necessary to use the following file (for xiaomi door/window sensor)

I need to change the signature parameters, right? I replace the file and then execute it with the command:
$ python3 motion_aq2.py

Something is missing?

Thanks in advance