ZHA device support

Tearing my hair out today about this… Decided to go for ZHA based on what I’ve read about ZHA eventually taking over from Z2MQTT. Frustrated that a new device (MOES TRV) I’m trying to incorporate is not as well supported despite there being quirks available. Seems that sometimes the quirk recognises the device, sees the attributes and commands but doesn’t present these in the GUI in the same way as Z2MQTT.
Result is I’m now going to have to add Z2MQTT to my setup to maximise the utility of devices.
2 questions:

  1. If a quirk has been built for a device and I can see attributes that I’d like in the GUI, is there any way to add them or can I only read and write them in the setup?
  2. If I’m running ZHA and Z2MQTT on 2 different conbee 2 sticks, what’s the liklehood of interference and any advice on positioning of sticks, channels or anything else?
  1. You can look at ZHA Toolkit. Pretty much anything accessible in the UI should be accessible via the toolkit services and options. It won’t be point and click, but you should be able to get it done via automations, template entities and the like.

  2. Two zigbee nets are fine. Run separate channels compatible with your wifi environment. I run 15 and 25. Some physical separation is probably best, but mine are only a foot or so apart.

Unless you already have a spare stick sitting in a drawer somewhere, I wouldn’t use a Conbee II for z2m. Conbee II is old tech.

A TI CC2652P based stick is the current gold standard for z2m.

Where did you read that?

I don’t see how that statement makes any sense.

ZHA was first and has been used as the built-in zigbee integration in HA ever since I started using HA over 5 years ago. It’s not new.

zigbee2mqtt is a third party zigbee solution.

I don’t see how “ZHA would eventually take over z2m” because it already technically already had since the beginning of HA.