Zha Event was fired


I’ve used two AduroSmart Eria Dimmable Plugs to make two dumb light bulbs smart. Initially, I’ve added them via Philips Hue. But the connection didn’t seem too stable, hence I’ve decided to switch to an alternative approach.

In this approach, I added both plugs directly to my Zigbee network in HA. To improve the range of the network I’ve also added an Aeotec Zigbee Range Extender. This initially seemed to work, but for two nights in a row, one of the two lights wake up in the night.

According to the log a “Zha Event was fired”, after which the device becomes unavailable. The interesting thing is that it only happens to one of the two lights. The other one is working perfectly fine.

Any idea how I could solve this issue? Thanks in advance for your support :slight_smile:

It sounds like a power outage to the plug, combined with a setting on the plug to go on when powering up again.

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Thanks for the fast reply! I will replace the current power strip with a different one to see if this solves the issue!

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Swap the plugs over. If the problem moves as well, it’s the plug. If it doesn’t it may be something to do with the location, perhaps, or power supply?

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It seems that the issue is with the plug. I’ve plugged the plug in a different location, but the issue remains. Have reached out to the seller for a replacement.

Thanks both for the support :slight_smile: