ZHA Fyrtur lift status not showing

Hi everyone,

I have multiple Fyrtur blinds, which are working that I have linked them to Homeassistant through a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle and ZHA and I can send Up, Down and Stop commands to them.

When I had it bound through a deconz dongle, I had a status bar with the current position, which is now missing.

Is there a way to get this position bar back?

What have I tried?
When I send a cluster command to get the status (WindowCovering → current_position_lift_percentage) it is successfully returned.
I’ve read, that there are possibilities to retrieve this value through python script, if this can be bound to the same device somehow it would be sufficient, but didn’t found a way for that, only as a separate helper entity.

I’ve read some posts, but as far as I can see they all only address either deconz or don’t describe the issue I have, so I don’t know whether the position bar should be there and my setup is wrong or it is not yet implemented properly.