ZHA Groups not created as entity IDs

Hi, I have done multiple things but I cannot seem to get Zigbee Groups configured through ZHA to appear as entity IDs in Home Assistant.

This is becoming very annoying. The interface is soo weird as it does not even allow you to change a group name once it’s created. Anyhow, I read the docs here Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant where it says that I need to add at least 2 devices for a group to appear in entities, but it does not. I got it working only once, and I have that one entity group but I have added 5 more groups after that and the entity id is not created. Does anyone have any ideas?

I"m running the latest version of Home assistant (2022.2.1)

I’ve made a couple of groups of lights just in the past day and they seem to be working normally and are available as entities. I haven’t grouped anything but lights so far. Also running 2022.2.2

The entities are named as you can see in the picture and they show up as available in the Visual Editor when creating automations. There is a bug where Zigbee groups don’t appear for scenes, though.

This is very odd, it worked today when I added more than 10 new devices and created groups. So I think its an issue if you only have 3 devices or less

It seems that I have the same issue. With less then 3 devices in the ZHA group, no entity is available in HA to use that group.
If I create the group with 3 devices the entitiy is available. If I then remove one device from the group again, the entity is missing again.

Did you find a workaround for this?

I"m running the latest version of Home assistant (2023.10.5)

Did you ever find a solution for this?

No, it started to work on its own in the latest HA. I’d suggest to try and create a new group and add more than 3 entities, then remove them, should work

I also found no solution for this yet. In my case removing the entities from the group again removed the group entity too. So I think it is only possible to use the single entities until you have enough members to create the group.

This is a bit strange because as far as I know, there are ZigBee devices that are only able to use direct bindings against groups. In that case a group with only one device would be perfect. With the current behaviour you must use an HA automation to “bind” them which is not my preferred way when direct binding is possible/available.

I’m also experiencing this issue. Did anyone figure out a solution?

I’m currently on 2024.1.0. I will upgrade to the latest (2024.4.1) to see if that fixes.

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I created an issue to support groups with less than 2 entities: