ZHA groups - question about config and weird behavior

I moved from deCONZ to ZHA, and I have some groups that show up in the ZHA config (No name group 0x0001 and No name group 0xFFF0). Not really sure why, I didn’t (intentionally) define those in either deCONZ or ZHA.

Regardless, I have a few lights that, after setting up in ZHA, will only very occasionally react to a trigger (automation or via UI). However, if I toggle one of the groups (e.g. No name group 0x0001), the exact same lights will always toggle. Why on earth could that be?

Also, why can I not seem to manage the groups via the UI? for one, I couldn’t find an option to delete the groups, but even removing all devices from the groups seem to reset after a reboot.

You can manage groups in the ZHA integration - part of the url after the domain: config/zha/groups . You can click on a group and see the members known by ZHA .

If ZHA does not identify a device as belonging to a group, you may need to add it first before removing it.

Some devices may set a default group if they are not in one (as far as I understood), so maybe you need to add your device to another group before removing group 1.
Or just do not use group 1 if that’s the case.

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OK, so some devices need to be in a group? The only default group I currently have is one with only the ConBeeII coordinator.

I see the group management page at IP/config/zha/groups/*, but I can’t se anywhere to delete a group either on the main groups page, or if I click on a specific group (where I can add/remove members of that group).

I hesitate to create a new group to test if that can be deleted, since I’m afraid I’ll end up with more clutter I can’t get rid of. But do you see a “delete group” option for your groups? If so, could you tell me where? I know I could just not use it, but if there’s a way to actually delete, that’d be much preferred.

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When you are on the page of a group, there is a bin in the top right corner of the page - on the far right of the name of the group.

When you click it, the group is deleted.

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Doh! Look at something for too long, and you see nothing, I guess. Well, thanks :slight_smile: