ZHA IKEA Roller Blind Remote

No that’s not it, I Don’t want that as a target

In the action part
There is a target specified, I think that should be entity_id

@omolko @Lauri_Marjamaki @dennyreiter

I’ve updated the blueprint, and it is working! for me at least
remove my old blueprint and import it again.

let me know if it’s working now.

it works fine now. Just one thing we can’t use the long press button.
But thanks anyway

Glad it’s working now! :grinning:

The long press is not in this blueprint, my goal was to keep it simple. :nerd_face:
for long press you can edit the blueprint yourself. :hammer:

thanks I actually don’t know how to manage this.
the action in yaml is like this…

type: remote_button_long_release
subtype: close

No, thats’s not it
there is more to do.

but if it’s not your cup off tea, You better don’t want to mess with it.

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Now it is working, thank you!
Can you please add “Stop” on second press while cover is moving? Now it seems to be just “open” or “close”

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You can always modify the blueprint yourself,
with a hold either off the 2 buttons to do a stop call service

I’m trying to pair some ikea open/close remotes i have with ZHA, i hit search on ZHA and click the reset/pair button on the remote and nothing shows up… any ideas on how to pair this remote?

You have to keep the device awake, in the pairing process push the button every 5 seconds or so.

I was able to pair one, all other seem to have a dead battery… heading to lowes now.

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I have 2 remotes paired, but it seems like they are not changing the state when i press the buttons… any ideas?

Remotes only push out events

I’m actually trying to listen to zha_event and nothing shows up… any ideas?

Maybe there not correctly paired, it’s difficult to say

They showed up as paired and functional, but just don’t send any events.

Who can they function of they don’t send out an event, but if they function what’s the problem then?

This is a brilliant blueprint, thank you. Question, is there anyway to pair one remote to multiple blinds? I have paired blinds that I would like to go up and down together from one remote. I know it can be done through HA but like the convivence of a physical switch for the less tech folks. Thanks


For those asking about additional features, this blueprint has some:

Worked for me. I’m on the newer tradfri version. Thanks for this.