ZHA - IKEA open/close switch for covers (e.g KADRILJ, FYRTUR)

This is a blueprint to control covers like the IKEA KADRILJ/FYRTUR roller blinders with the IKEA open/close switch.
It opens, closes and stops the cover like the original button.
It could works with any other covers supporting the open/close/stop commands.

Ikea open/close remote pic

  name: Cover control with Tradfri open/close remote
  description: |
    Control a cover with an Ikea Tradfri open/close button remote over ZHA

    Short press on ☼ button will open the cover.
    Short press on ☰ button will close the cover.
    Long press on ☼ or ☰  will stop the cover.
  domain: automation
      name: Remote
      description: "IKEA open/close remote to use"
          integration: zha
          manufacturer: "\x02KE"
          model: "TRADFRI open/close remote"
      name: Cover
      description: The cover to control
            domain: cover
- platform: event
  event_type: zha_event
    device_id: !input remote
- choose:
  - conditions:
    - '{{ trigger.event.data.command == "up_open" }}'
    - service: cover.open_cover
      target: !input cover
  - conditions:
    - '{{ trigger.event.data.command == "down_close" }}'
    - service: cover.close_cover
      target: !input cover
  - conditions:
    - '{{ trigger.event.data.command in ("stop", "stop_opening", "stop_closing") }}'
    - service: cover.stop_cover
      target: !input cover
mode: restart

I had to change the manufacturer to “IKEA of Sweden” to be able to select the remote. Then it worked like a charm. Thank you very much!

Whether I end up using your blueprint or make my own with other tweaks, THANK YOU for the correct manufacturer string for the remote. How on earth did you find that unprintable character?

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Sniffing then I figure I was not alone reading the quirks code here :


Can this be made to work with Zigbee2MTQQ? I have not been able to find any information on this.

I tried your code with ZHA and my IKEA blinds, but couldn’t get them to react. Now I am on Z2M on my test server.


Thanks for this. I was using another one that didn’t quite work and it was making my wife angry. Since the one I was using only had the “stop” part missing, I added that to it. It would be helpful to not have so many of these. :frowning:

Is there a way to modify this to allow it to only open to a certain position? I know you can in typical automations, but not sure if you can with this blueprint.

How did you change this? I think I need to do that as well, I can’t select the remote now and I believe because it is also reporting as ‘IKEA of Sweden’ as manufacturer

I believe it was “manufacturer: “\x02KE”” in the blueprint, that needed to be changed.
I have moved to Zigbee2MQTT in the meantime, so I can’t even verify. Sorry.

I get this error:

unknown tag !<!input> at line 36, column 29:
device_id: !input ‘remote’

Help pease!

Is anyone here able to port this to Z2M?

I want to use the normal functions for the remote like stopping within when button is pressed again.

A double Tap to open 50% would be the cherry on the gelato



Just a quick thank you to @seblu for this. I moved the blinds over to ZHA from Deconz after repeated stability issues. The blinds worked better right away, and I had no issues pairing the remote, but I couldn’t figure out how to capture the remote events. This worked perfectly out of the box and made my day.

Thank you!