ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Custom Actions

This is awesome, thank you niro1987. Nice work!
Great use to control at least 10 actions, I use it as a second TV remote for now.

I can get it to work with the new Ikea buttom? Is it because it’s need some other settings?

I’ve just ordered one of those - let me see what I can do for you in the coming few days. Should not be that hard to fix.

can anyone help me how to tell the dim up button, to increase brightness and dim down button to decrease brigthness (also the color up and down buttons to change the kelvin or color temp?)

the power button was obvious, it turns on or off the smart switch that is connected to the light, but I don’t know what action should I give the rest and also I don’t see how to tell HA that I have a light that is capable of dimming and changning color temperature (do i have to pair the bulb itself with HA?)

Try this one ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Warm White Lights

Thank’s for such a great and simple blueprint!

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did the new HA update break this? the left and right buttons dont work anymore.

I notice under device it says Quirk: fivebtnremotezha.IkeaTradfriRemote1 whereas before the update i believed it said something else. Anyone else?

I don’t see any (breaking) changes in the release notes. I’ll update and check for myself.

Mine still work, did you try re-pairing the device?

p.s. the quirk on my device is the same as yours

think the new zha update fixed it. cheers

Hey niro1987
I am interested to hear if you have solution for the IKEA N2 control? (as Mikael refers to).
thanks in advance

Partially: check out my GitHub, look for the STYRBAR files.

The problem is that the remote sends out the ‘on’ command together with the ‘hold’ command whenever you hold down on one of the arrow buttons. That makes the Custom Actions version of the script difficult.

Ho can you add a condition to one of the button’s actions, basically only turn a light on if a condition is satisfied. This templated doesn’t seem to allow this as all conditions specified are on a parallel level and not cascaded.

What you want, you can do in a script and then use one of the actions from this blueprint to fire the script.

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I paired a new 5 button remote to HA, and I noticed that the Color Up and Color Down buttons don’t do anything in an automation created with this blueprint. I checked an older 5 button remote I already had paired, and they don’t do anything with that one either. I don’t know whether they were working before and when they may have stopped working.

I listened to zha_event when the buttons are pressed, and the events seem fine and are recognized each time. I’m seeing this in the logs for Color Up, for example:

    "event_type": "zha_event",
    "data": {
        "device_ieee": "[deleted]",
        "unique_id": "[deleted]",
        "device_id": "[deleted]",
        "endpoint_id": 1,
        "cluster_id": 5,
        "command": "press",
        "args": [
    "origin": "LOCAL",
    "time_fired": "2022-05-24T00:49:11.732187+00:00",
    "context": {
        "id": "[deleted]",
        "parent_id": null,
        "user_id": null

But the action in the automation isn’t performed. What else can I check or do to figure out why it’s not working?

Try removing the device from the network an pair it again.

Hey thanks for all your blueprints! Can I somehow cycle through the light temperature?

Have a look at this blueprint

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Right, found that one! Thanks again for these blueprints!!