ZHA integratin for GIRA + Senic Friends of Hue Smart Switch

This switch (Senic Gira Friends of Hue Smart Switch (100119) Zigbee compatibility) can only be used with deConz, not with ZHA. Would be great to use it with ZHA.

Fully agree. The “friends of hue” switches would be great to get into ZHA.

Would love this anyone if it’s working?

All of those “Friends of Hue” switches/remotes use the same ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) module, see:


and this workaround patch which probably will not be accepted into zigpy / znp as it looks now:


At least that patch will not be “as-is” and its code will need to be reworked by an interested developer.

I’d been using a number of these with HA for ages with no issues, I added them to my Hue hub and then when they show up in HA I used them to trigger all sorts of things, worked like a dream and was the reason we ended up with some many of these switches. Recently I’ve noticed the options of a double button push appear to have dropped from the options making this less useful than it used to be!

I really have trouble integrating these into my HA setup. When I set up automations triggered by the push of a button, nothing happens. It seems like HA wont see the trigger at all. Works fine with my hue lamps outside of HA though :-/

I’ve not tried direct integration, I’m only picking them up via Hue which seems to work quite well. It’s still quite annoying that the “double button push” has dropped from the options, it really did make this very useful indeed as could use each switch for lights and the double push for scenes. I don’t know why this stopped in a recent update but it would be great if it came back (as its still there in the options within hue).

ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) devices like this is not yet supported by zigpy library ZHA depends on, see:

Not sure if any of the other recently merged pull requests directly or indirectly will also help make a rewrite of the code patch in that pull request possible(?), but know that, after update to ZCL v7 specification, zigpy developers recent focus is on a New radio API (which is not related to ZGP).

Volunteering developer(s) are still needed to refactor and clean up that ZGP code patch PR for zigpy!


PS: One thing that could potentially help increase interest in this could be to donate Zigbee Green Power devices to zigpy developers like puddly and Adminiuga as that might pique their interest a little more if they actually owned certified ZGP devices themselves.

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@mzpost How are you picking them up via the Hue Bridge?
I currently have the situation that i moved many lights to ZHA and wanted to do the same with the FOH switches.
I can’t move them to ZHA and can’t use them inside Hue since the Devices i would switch with it are in ZHA.