ZHA issues with multiple devices since update

I updated my home assistant to 0.116.4 today:

Many of my devices have entities which are unavailable for some reason, for example a hue motion sensor which was working perfectly fine before:

I see following items in my logs:

Is someone else experiencing the same issue? NOTE: I use the conbee2 stick as my Zigbee gateway.

I reverted back to a backup of yesterday and updated again and it seems to work now.

Have you rebooted the entire host? i.e. gracefully powered down your coordinator and restarted?

I’ve seen the unexpected transmit confirm error occasionally in the past and restarting everything seems to fix it. Maybe the coordinator gets into a bad state? I’m using a ConBee II as well.

Hmm I only reboot the VM, next time I will reboot the entire intel nuc :slight_smile: