Zha light group - turns on in the middle of the night


I have 5 OSRAM zigbee bulbs linked together with a zha group in my bedroom.

yesterday I turn the group off at 7 27 and it gets back ok at 8 27.

This happened a few nights in a row - at different times…

My logbook does not show why it is turned on.

weirdly when I looked at the log entries showing the actions triggered when I turned the group off it shows that the light.turn_off service turned the lights on?

I am confused…


We’d only be guessing unless you show all the automations that control these lights.


  • no automations by hass
  • nodered - one triggered by alexa
  • adaptive_light / hacs


I just deactivated adaptive_light - maybe this was the reason… let’s see…

Hi! I struggle with the exact same thing, except using zigbee2mqtt.

Zigbee groups turn om randomly at night. No automations, but adaptive lighting is used. Did this solve your problem?