ZHA light groups & homekit - no color or diming control


Having a strange issue. Any ZHA light group i have i am unable to change the color or dim within homekit, it only appears at a toggle:

All lights are the same in the group (hue color bulbs directly controlled by ZHA)

Within home assistant, same group, no problem at all:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

any idea? :open_mouth:

Same problem here…

just curious if anyone had any luck with this? homekit integration doesn’t work very well with many lights in a room, and without groups, i cannot use it reliably :\

I had this issue as well. Not sure exactly when it broke (and I suppose it doesn’t really matter), but resetting the offending entities with the homekit.reset_accessory service, as outlined in the documentation, got the color settings back in HomeKit.

thank you. i have been getting around it by adding/removing a device from the exclusions. when the homekit integration restarts, the lights go back to normal with color options and dimming. strange.