ZHA LQI Entity

I recently move from zigbee2mqtt to ZHA integration but after join the devices I don’t find the LQI entity.
It’s possible to add manually?


The RSSI and LQI values are not exposed as attributes in HA ZHA created entities. There is a request to add these. For now, the only way to see the ‘network health’ is via the ZHA addon. It not as useable as it could be, IMHO. This lovelace component is very useful view of the same data, first github link and example lovelace code below. I have been poking around with trying to record the stated of my ZHA network, links, peer relationships, lqi’s between peers, rssi data over time to a database (currently SQLITE) to see if it would help diagnose problems and see results of configuration changes, it is pretty rough, but might give you some ideas until someone comes from ZHA folks, second github link below.

title: ZHA
# icon: mdi:home-outline


# https://github.com/dmulcahey/zha-network-card
clickable: true
  - name: Name
    prop: name
  - attr: available
    id: available
    modify: x || "false"
    name: Online
  - attr: manufacturer
    name: Manufacturer
  - attr: manufacturer_code
    name: Manufacture Code
  - attr: model
    name: Model
  - attr: ieee
    name: IEEE
  # - attr: device_reg_id
  #   name: Device Reg ID
  - attr: device_type
    name: Device Type
  - name: NWK
    prop: nwk
  - attr: rssi
    name: RSSI
  - attr: lqi
    name: LQI
  - attr: last_seen
    name: Last Seen
  - attr: power_source
    name: Power Source
  - attr: quirk_class
    name: Quirk
  - attr: quirk_applied
    name: Quirk Applied
sort_by: available
type: 'custom:zha-network-card'


Thanks for suggestion, but I have already installed this card…

In comparison of zigbee2mqtt ZHA many features are missing. e.g. ping devices status, impossible to set retain etc.

Do you think you will go back to Zigbee2MQTT?

For now I think to stick with zha but I hope for a great development for this component!