ZHA Lutron Auroa volume control

Hi all I see there are a handful of ways to setup the Lutron Aurora for lighting control is there any reason you could not make this work for volume on say a sound bar or tv or any mediaplayer ?

Go to Developer Tools —> Event —> Listen to Event —> Type zha_event —> Start listening —> Turn the Lutron Aurora —> An event should be shown

You can use this as event trigger in your automation.

awesome thanks for the direction

Hi @bradfordmcmanus - how far did you get with this?

I’ve followed examples and have been able to change the volume based on the dial rotation. It seems like the switch keeps track of its own state (0 to 255), so if I change the volume on the speaker some other way, and then twist the dial, the volume will suddenly “jump” to the value being sent by the switch. Have you worked around this?

I’m thinking of converting the switch’s state values directionally (if it’s bigger than the last event, or 255 then “increase the volume”). Would love to hear any thoughts, or see your automation.