ZHA Migrate Radio. USB to IP coordinator supported?

in an effort to both give higher-availability (HAOS runs as a VM in proxmox cluster, which i intend to use either manual live migration or auto-failover replication), and also provide me with a 2nd zigbee co-ordinator incase of hw failure, i’ve bought the SMLight PoE device which is due for delivery today.

currently i use ZHA with a Sonoff USB Dongle+, with 24 zigbee devices.
i intend to continue to use ZHA, but with the SMLight SLZB-06 PoE via an IP connection.

it looks like i should be able to use the ‘Migrate Radio’ feature to migrate with minimal of headaches.

is this scenario supported? all the info i’ve found so far is for USB replacements which are fundamentally different than IP. It looks like the IEEE address is the key part to ensure device pairing continues to work.

if it’s not supported, what options do i have to migrate to the PoE IP stick without re-pairing all devices? i’m happy enough with ZHA and all my devices work with it. I’ve no specific desire to move to Z2M, but does look like majority of my devices support both ZHA&Z2M if thats the only option.

You can only have one coordinator in a Zigbee network.
This is a limitation in the protocol.
Whether you use Z2M or ZHA does not matter and the two are just different ways to integrate with a Zigbee network.

query wasnt about multiple dongles.
it was about migrating a USB zigbee dongle, to IP dongle using the ZHA ‘Migrate Radio’ feature for a seamless switchover.
I’d rather not have to re-pair all devices if i can help it.

i am aware you cant use multiple dongles in each method.

sorry if that wasnt clear in original post.

Courier failed to deliver the POE dongle yesterday… still waiting!

turns out, Yes, this works.

Both were supported under ZNP, and i didnt need to change IEEE address. a simple manual backup & restore config worked - a painless experience.

First attempt failed but not sure why, but nice to know that i can simply switch between coordinators without issue.

this link might help others: