ZHA Multiple Door Sensors stop working after a day

Hello, I’m looking for help troubleshooting ZHA/Skyconnect with Door Sensors.
I have HAOS running on a RPi 4. I installed a SkyConnect (with extension) and I am using ZHA and I have 20 Zigbee devices paired to it. Some Hue bulbs, a couple Sonoff S31 Lites, some LK Flood sensors.

The problem I am having is with Door sensors. I have a couple of the XFinity XHS2-UE door sensors that worked fine on a Hubitat a while back. I got rid of the Hubitat and moved them over to HA and they seemed to do fine, but they stop working after about a day. I thought it was a batter issue, as they started working again with a new battery, but proceeded to drop off the next day. If I cycle the battery, they will work for a little while but then stop again.

I thought it might be the devices, so I bought a Centralite Micro Door sensor. It’s doing the same thing. Works for about a day, then stops. All my other devices on ZHA seem to work fine, just door sensors.

I look in the Device Info → Zigbee info and the “Last Seen” timestamp is recent on all the devices, but no events are recorded.

What are my next steps to troubleshoot this?

I don’t have a skyconnect, but I have sonof usb stick and had the same issue. I migrated from a sonoff ZHA Bridge to a Sonoff E Stick. Everything worked fine but not the door/window sensors. I have four sensors and only one worked, the other three lose connection all the time and become unavailable.

I solved by flashing the stick with the multi pan rcp firmware on the stick and installed the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol add-on in homeassistant. Everything is working fine nowfor a day or two.

Hrm, I have the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol addon running too. Not much in the logs other than the occasional:

otbr-agent[324]: 4d.15:52:28.701 [W] Platform------: Error waiting response: InvalidState
otbr-agent[324]: 4d.15:52:28.701 [W] SubMac--------: RadioReceive() failed, error: InvalidState