ZHA Network Map Lovelace Card Not Working

When trying to make the zha-network-visualization-card I get this:

Custom element doesn’t exist: zha-network-visualization-card.

I installed this through HACS

Added zha_map: to my configuration.yaml file.

Verified that the zha_map is in my custom_components folder

type: module
url: /hacsfiles/zha-network-card/zha-network-card.js to my resources in the Raw Configuration Editor
Thought that url looked odd so tried url: /community_plugin/zha-network-card/zha-network-card.js

Using Panel Mode

When I try to scan through Developer/Services/zha_map.scan_now I get nothing

What am I missing here?

Your steps seem to be OK. Which HA version are you using? In 0.107.x you need to specifiy the resources under configuration - dashboards - resources rather than using the raw configuration editor.
BTW: I get a zigbee ZHA map but it seems to be incomplete. Also my lovelace frontend stability suffers significantly when adding the visualization card.