ZHA Not Adding Devices

I am running ZHA via a Conbee II. As of the last update to 2022.11.3 It either doesn’t see the device or it gets stuck on the interview stage. Rebooting the entire PI allowed it to see one device. If I keep toggling back and forth between add device and the main screen sometimes that can trigger a device discovery. This is across SonOff and Aqara devices. I’ve also noticed the responsiveness of my Zigbee devices when turning off or on from the UI are very slow and/or sporadic. My Conbee II is away from my PI via a USB extension cable and I have several mains powered Zigbee devices so I don’t think it’s a signal problem. How can I determine if this is a ZHA issue or an issue introduced in the latest update?

Before you do anything upgrade firmware on your Zigbee Coordinator adapter + read and follow all these best practice guidelines → https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/wiki/Generic-best-practice-tips-on-improving-Zigbee-network-range-and-general-stability

Be aware Zigbee has poor range and penetration and is very sensitive to EMF/EMI/RMI interference so using long USB extension cable and connecting to a USB 2.0 port (or via USB 2.0 hub) is really a must.

Thank you for suggesting the firmware update. That seems to have done the trick. No clue why I didn’t consider that in the first place. /(insert massive facepalm here/)