ZHA - Osram bulb is paired, but not known - quirks seem somewhat wrong?

I have some problems in getting a few Osram bulbs to work correctly with ZHA.

I can pair the bulbs, but they show up as unk_manufacturer unk_model, as shown in the picture.

So I went to zigbee2mqtt.io to check for the bulbs, if they are already listed. Unfortunately I found them, but they seem to not totally fit my bulbs.
The bulb listed, that fits according to description and picture, would be this one: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/AC10786-DIM.html
The model number written on the bulb would fit this one: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/AC03641.html

And since pairing the two bulbs, I have these log messages:

WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy_cc.zigbee.application] Unhandled message: CommandType.AREQ Subsystem.ZDO concentratorIndCb

and these:

WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy_cc.api] Waiter timeout: <Waiter matcher=<Matcher type=CommandType.AREQ subsystem=Subsystem.AF command=dataConfirm payload={'endpoint': 1, 'transid': 196}> future=<Future cancelled> timeout=10000 sequence=None>
WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy_cc.api] Waiter timeout: <Waiter matcher=<Matcher type=CommandType.AREQ subsystem=Subsystem.AF command=dataConfirm payload={'endpoint': 1, 'transid': 202}> future=<Future cancelled> timeout=10000 sequence=None>

Can someone please point me into a direction, what to do? I’m a little lost here. Is a “new” quirk needed, or do I have to modify something else? I really don’t know where to look, as I don’t have an idea for what I should look for…

Thanks a lot!

Same problem here, i have 5 Osram Smart+ AC05347 GU10 bulbs (white) and 6 Osram Smart+ AB35996 GU10 bulbs (Color) that don’t get recognized, i see them as “unk_manufacturer unk_model” in ZHA.
So i assume there is a new quirk needed for each type of bulb.
I never wrote a quirk but if i can help by providing information from ZHA about the bulb please let me know.

EDIT: the AC05347 should be working in the next release of ZHA, done my first quirk and got approved.

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What are you using as the coordinator?

I was using a CC2531 stick with zigbee2mqtt and decided to try ZHA after it messed up again. Had same problem as you with 3 Osram AB35996 bulbs so thought it needed a new quirk. I created the one for Z2M so applied the same logic to the quirk, find a similar one that already exists, copy the data across etc. Didn’t get far as ZHA won’t recreate the pycache and have posted an issue accordingly.

In the meantime, a Sonoff ZBBridge turned up yesterday so I started again with that. Still no joy with pycache recreating so it wasn’t going to use my new quirk but thought I’d try pairing it again anyway just to see if anything was different and low and behold they paired straight away, recognised as OSRAM PAR 16 50 RGBW - LIGHTIFY, which is their proper name, and they work perfectly. They’re using the default zigpy.device.Device so no need for a new quirk at all.

In a nutshell, the issue is with the CC2531, suppose it does only say experimental support!