Zha - otau

Does the ZHA integration currently do OTAU (Over the air updates) for the zigbee items connected to it? Or is there a way to run them manually?

I am using the RaspBee2 hat for the RaspPi4, i think the only way to update the firmware on that is to take it out of the pi it is in now and update it via deconz, but I am really hoping that ZHA can at least update the devices, if not the controller itself. I know that the DeConz integration has the ability but I am not really looking to relink all my devices just to do firmware updates every now and again. I just added a couple more light bulbs into my configuration and noticed they were on new firmware.

I’m also interested in this. The official guide does not seem up to date. It does nothing: Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant

Currently, OTA providers for firmware updates are only available for IKEA and LEDVANCE devices
To enable OTA firmware updates for the ZHA integration you need to add the following configuration to your configuration.yaml and restart Home Assistant

You have an Ikea or LEDVANCE device, did the configuration as described, and it doesn’t work for you?

No, I have a device from ClimaxTechnology. Updating just worked by changing the values for the update_notify command from the docs. Thanks :slight_smile: