ZHA - pairing Ikea router

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the steps to pair the IKEA extender with home assistant, I’m trying what I can and I can’t get the extender to show up while trying to pair in HA

You don’t pair it to Home Assistant you pair it to your Zigbee controller.

See the Z2M docs.

Sorry I’m using ZHA, wrong thread. I was able to get 2 to pair, poking the button, and holding the button for 5 second. nothing reliable. 2 won’t pair after all the same effort.

Are those 2 further away from your ZHA system? If so, you may want to try another plug that is closer to your ZHA system. The pairing process is a bit tricky. Keep trying. It should pair eventually.

I went through this just last night, was pairing 4 of them. Like you poking the button and cross my fingers. After many attempts they all paired. I’m sure there is a science like hold button for x seconds, but I couldn’t work it out!