ZHA Peanut Plug Randomly Turning Off w/ WARNING log entry

I have a couple of new peanut plugs flashed with the latest firmware connected to Home Assistant ( 2021.7.3) via HUSBZB-1. I’m seeing my plugs ‘randomly’ turn off and back on. There is no log entry in Home Assistant indicating such an action and it occurs so quickly that Home Assistant doesn’t even register the plug’s state changing. The only reason I know this is that I’ve observed it happening and I have devices on the plugs that tell me later they have been power cycled.

The only pattern I’ve noticed with this is that there are entries in the home-assistant.log with corresponding timestamps to the power cycling: “WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xadcf:1:0x0006] Data remains after deserializing ZCL frame”

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? If not, the plugs are going back to the seller :frowning:

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Bumping on a praryer.

Can you link to the “peanut plug” you are referring too? I’m not seeing a Zigbee one

Here’s the Amazon link: Securifi Peanut Smart Plug (1 Minute Setup) - Remotely Monitor and Control Lights Appliances using Free iOS/Android Apps and Browser Interface - White - - AmazonSmile

So I see this is an old thread but few people mention updating firmware to resolve the same issue, I’m guessing that might require their hub though? Not something I am familiar with. Random and quick on/off issue with peanut plugs
Also you may want to try using the plug on a different circuit in your house temporarily and see if it exhibits the same behavior, I have had some old bulbs that were very sensitive to power fluctuations from larger appliances, maybe it is a similar issue.

Thanks for that link - I hadn’t seen it before. My plugs are running the latest firmware - I confirmed with Peanut support on the OTA file I used (I originally flashed them to get the power utilization detection working).

I tried causing ‘spikes’ on different circuits (turning on the AC, running a shop vac, running a blender) and did not see any issues. I’m seeing the issue on multiple plugs on multiple circuits anyway. I don’t think that’s the cause. Good idea… although I am glad that this doesn’t look like the culprit. I really wouldn’t be able to fix that.

Barring any other ideas, all of my plugs are going back to Amazon :frowning: . It’s a real bummer because getting power sensitive plugs that run on Zigbee/Zwave is hard and these really fit the bill.

I’ve been having the same issues on 2 different plugs. I have a 3rd that works fine.

Same issue here on all six of mine. Is anyone able to confirm the latest firmware available? I’ve flashed all of mine to “Firmware: 0x00000027” filename: ZPS_CS5490_039.ota to get consumption readings, but it’s not helping the random restarts.

Thanks in advance!

As of 8/25/2021, yes, that was the latest firmware that was available as confirmed by Securifi itself. I never figured it out… but I was within my return window, so I ditched them.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation. Might need to ditch mine as well… they are becoming a huge pain. Any suggestions on a comparable option?

AmazonSmile: Sengled Smart Plugs, Hub Required, Works with SmartThings and Amazon Echo with Built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, 15Amp Smart Socket, Work as Zigbee Repeater, ETL Listed, 2 Pack : Industrial & Scientific
That’s what I switched to. They’ve got power monitoring and are also UL rated if I recall correctly.

Has anyone seen any improvement on this issue? I came here to search the forums for this specific issue to see if there might be a fix. I also just emailed Securify Support to see if by chance there is a newer firmware, as my plugs are all also on ZPS_CS5490_039.ota.