ZHA recognizes device, but no entities

Mmwave ceiling sensor with relay from Ali:

I can add the device with ZHA successfully, but there is no presense sensor nor relay control. What can I do?

The device info suggests that no device handlers have been added, which may be why some entities appear to be missing.

You could have a look to see whether one of these quirks helps.

However, your presence sensor may be a little too cutting edge. If so, you can request support for it.

But first check to see whether anyone else has done so.

Manufacturers often don’t follow to the Zigbee specification, so before you buy it’s a good idea to check that a device works with ZHA.

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@xofer Start by submitting a new device support request as per this “HOW TO ADD SUPPORT FOR NEW AND UNSUPPORTED DEVICES” section in the ZHA integration documentation (and then you can discuss more quirk details with ZHA Device Handlers developers in that issue tracker) → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#how-to-add-support-for-new-and-unsupported-devices