Zha.remove - Does it work

I’m trying to remove a couple of Zigbee lights through Developer service using zha.remove and the mac address in quotes “e2:0d:b9:ff:fe:08:ac:d1” and although the line clears when I click on-call service they don’t come off. I’ve rebooted HA afterward but they are still there.

Any thoughts on how I can clear these off, do I just need to delete them off of the zigbee database?

@William_Rodriguez the data has to be formatted like this:


@tube0013, thank you! I was never able to figure it out so I just moved on. I’ll give it try this evening. Thanks for the help!!

used the format, it calls the service but it doesn’t remove it for me. left it sitting for a bit but no change, rebooted no change. I checked the database and it was still there. No sure what I could be doing wrong.

very strange. I had some old devices that had been reset, and used it on 2 of them and it removed them.