ZHA Router Problem „integration ok - but no connections“

I am currently testing both ZHA and Z2M.

Unfortunately I have a small problem with ZHA.

I use 1x Tubes cc2652P2 (coordinator) and in addition a Tubes router also with cc2652P2 chip.
The coordinator is connected and running without problems.
When I add the router in ZHA, it is recognized and integrated, but if I look in the Zigbee map, there is no connection between the Tubes router to the Tubes coordinator or other routers (even after a long time).
I have already deleted and reconnected the router, the problem remains.

Under Z2M this worked without problems.

ZHA is easier to install for me as a newbie, but I am leaning more and more towards Z2M.
Am I making a mistake here or is this possibly a known problem in ZHA.

If the question has already been asked more often - sorry … I’m just at the HA beginning and do not want to double and triple test everything ZHA/Z2M/2652/ EFR32… there are so many parameters incl bad signal reception :unamused:

Thanks in advance

If the device is recognized as a router and “add devices via this device” is working, it may just be an errror in the map. ZHA seems to have more of an issue with dangling, orphaned devices not showing a connection in the map. I’ve never seen it with a router device, but wouldn’t rule it out.

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Then it is probably a mistake from me…
Under Z2M the router was detected/integrated and then also managed itself, i.e. I did not have to integrate a device directly via the router, Z2M did that automatically.
If this must be done manually via the router in ZHA (the point is in ZHA in the router integration) then it was my beginner’s mistake.

As I said, I thought ZHA and Z2M would both do this automatically - nevertheless, the router should at least show a map connection to the coordinator, since it was registered there - this is somewhat confusing for beginners …:crazy_face:

No mistake, I only suggested “add devices via this device” as a test to make sure all the plumbing was really working. It shouldn’t be necessary in general usage.

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All right I get it :slight_smile:

It’s magical :slight_smile:
After almost a day, the connections are displayed through the router, so it works… but an Aqara switch is now without connection :frowning:

I will still experiment a little…bevor I decide on the weekend how I implement it now… or whether I change to Z2M after all…