ZHA sees signals, do not pair

I’ve recently deciced to go over to a conbee stick in my HA device, using ZHA.
I already got a remote Phoscon going, but In time I want to move all my devices over to ZHA.

Everything seems to install just fine. But when I try to add new zigbee devices to ZHA I cannot get them to pair.
I can see that signals like below are going across for as long as I keep the device in question in pairingmode:

Received a packet: ZigbeePacket(timestamp=datetime.datetime(2023, 12, 22, 11, 27, 0, 359622, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), src=AddrModeAddress(addr_mode=<AddrMode.NWK: 2>, address=0x0000), src_ep=0, dst=AddrModeAddress(addr_mode=<AddrMode.Broadcast: 15>, address=<BroadcastAddress.RX_ON_WHEN_IDLE: 65533>), dst_ep=0, source_route=None, extended_timeout=False, tsn=None, profile_id=0, cluster_id=0, data=Serialized[b"\x18'I\t\xff\xff.!\x00\x00\x00"], tx_options=<TransmitOptions.NONE: 0>, radius=0, non_member_radius=0, lqi=21, rssi=31)

[0x0000:zdo] ZDO request ZDOCmd.NWK_addr_req: [00:21:2e:ff:ff:09:49:27, <AddrRequestType.Single: 0>, 0]

Any ideas of suggestions of what I may try ?