ZHA sensor values not updating

Have a problem with ZHA sensor values not updating in lovelace. It requires a browser refresh until I see the updated values (incl. secondary_info: last-changed).
I have an ipad on the wall with the beta HA app and I see the same problem there.
The sensors that does not update are Xiaomi aqara temp/hum sensors. Other entities on the same page (zigbee switches, zwave switches, esp sensors and mqtt sensors) gets updated immediately.
Is it perhaps a problem with ZHA? I have plans to migrate to deconz but I would rather not since it’s a lot of work.

Also, I have Xiaomi aqara door and motion sensors. They get updated immediately in lovelace. The problem seems to be related only to the aqara temp/hum sensors.

Can anyone running the same sensors with ZHA confirm if it updates dynamically in lovelace or not?

I created this issue in zha-device-handlers gitrepo:

Not sure if it could be related to ZHA device handler but I’m grasping for straws.

Found the problem! It was not due to the specific sensors. I use the multiple-entity-row in order to show the humidity on the same row. A bug that caused this behaviour has recently been fixed: