ZHA - Spots are partially turned on randomly


I love hassio and even with ZHA most things I have implemented so far work. Okay, I always wanted to start with Node Red in there but automations usually work for 90% of what I am trying to achieve…so…

Well the real problem I got is that I have many GU10 bulbs and they are turned off sometimes (wife).
If they are the state is messed up - fine. But if they are back on and the status is updated properly in hassio I would like to keep them this way. BUT sometimes (even without any automation activated) they turn on at night by a service, that is called turn lights on or something…

Is it as it is designed or might that be a bug?
That is totally annoying and I was not able to fix it.
There could be ways like “if bulb a is on and bulb b is off, turn bulb b off after 10 secs”, but I don’t think this should be the way.

Could somebody maybe speak for that?
Btw I am running hassio on a pi4 if that is necessary.

Thanks in advance!