ZHA - Styrbar E2002 Custom Commands

Blueprint for the IKEA Styrbar remote. Can only be used with ZHA.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Sounds like a nice version… But can’t be imported as it says the file should end with .yaml

Same issue not able to import it.

This blueprint works great, thank you. Is there a way to use double_clicks or long_presses of the side buttons?

For the people not able to import the blueprint, I couldn’t either but I added it manually under \config\blueprints\EmilZacrinsson\zha-styrbar_custom_actions.yaml

Hello @sparkydave could you tell how you did that exactly?

Added .yaml to the file. It should work fine now.


Good to know. I was to late to see it and just added it manually.

Just wondering how did it go for you getting the Styrbar installed in HA with ZHA?
I have a hard time getting it working, i have the sonoff ZBDongle-P and the device is found but other then that none of the entities are imported.

So you got this sorted now? I just manually created the file in the Blueprints folder using Studio Code Server and pasted the code from the Git repo.

Once I added the button through the ZHA Integration I got this (after renaming):

From there you can create an automation using the Blueprint in the automations GUI.

I have almost the same screen, but i do not see the Power value for me it is “Unavailable”, also the Identify button is grayed out. And when i try to “RECONFIGURE DEVICE” is says that it failed to do so.

I’d probably try to re-pair it I think.

I’m guessing your log on the right hand side doesn’t have the recent ‘checkin’ events like mine?

Today, i tried again with the updated version of ZRA, by removing the old settings in HA and then putting the styrbar in pairing mode (4 fast clicks on the pairing button) and starting the search procedure in HA.

And with in seconds it found the device and when i checked back the battery status was shown as 100%
And when i did setup this blueprint with some voice messages (tts) it seems to work as well.

Thank you very much.