ZHA Support for Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1

I’ve got 2 ot these and the key feature of opening and closing my blinds works. I’m really impressed with these as they are at an affordable price.

However, it would be really useful if ZHA was able to know what possition they were set to and what the battery level is.

See Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 - #28 by pathia
It all works (up and down buttons as well as current position)

I think I’m going to add another ZigBee network using a second coordinator and Zigbee2MQTT - alongside ZHA. I’ll then move the E1s to that network. Hopefully this will solve the issue as well as open up some opportunities for other devices not available in ZHA yet.

But that absolutely works with zha and my conbee 2 stick over here.
I can also control them with a slider to the desired position.

That’s great but can you see the battery level and does the position update if you use the buttons on the device?

Yes it does. See screenshot. And when I press down and let it stop somewhere in between completely closed or open it updates the percentage of the current position.

How odd. I wish mine did that. Thanks for the info.

Are you using conbee 2 with firmware 0x26780700.bin?
If there is anything I can do to help you solve this, just let me know.

You can read the Attribute of the of it and turn that into a sensor

I want to read that 100

So i go into TEMPLATE and I start playing

 {{state_attr("cover.garage_door", "current_position")}}

yeap thats want i want to see happy camper

now we turn that into a sensor using templates

- platform: template
      value_template: >
         {{state_attr("cover.garage_door", "current_position")}}

Anyone solved the battery problem with ZHA ??
I have everything working apart the battery level which reports unknown

did anyone manage to get this working in ZHA? Just got one of these and have it connected but there’s no battery sensor at all and the cover operations don’t have any effect. using a TubesZB as a zha bridge to HA running on a VM.

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I purchased e1 2 days ago.
It is manufactured 2022.11.
I use sonoff zb dongle-p.
But e1 did not 100% work with zha from out of the box. Now it works.
I tryed 3-4 diferent sonoff zb dongle-p firmwares, many times use reconfigurations, ha restarts, e1 delete, additigs. Nothing help.
The problem is with zha device configuration process. For some reason zha did not correctly do device cofiguration-installation when the pairing is going. Recofiguration also did not work for me correctly, and ands with whe errors.
My solution: sonoff zb dongle-p 221226 firmware. In HA > Developer tools > services > zha.remove+e1 ieee address > push call service. After that i remove device in zha from device page. I restarted HA and do pairing again and after that HA recognized device as zhaquirks.xiaomi.aqara.roller_curtain_e1.RollerE1AQ in signature page. And that config works for 100% in ZHA

Thank you. This was very helpful.

In my case I use a Conbee II on my Debian host with HA running in docker. I had to update the ConbeeII firmware in Windows and didn’t lose any config. Just plugged out the conbee, plugged it into my Windows PC, followed the flash instructions here: Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Then plugged back into my linux host and restarted HA. Then used the zha.remove service call and re-paired the device. All working well now.