ZHA: Support for Legrand Drivia Contactor 412171


This zigbee contactor ref #412171 by Legrand has been reported working with DeCONZ and Zigbee2Mqtt Legrand Connected contactor (412171) Zigbee compatibility.

I’m trying to make it work with ZHA, but with no avail. What is it required to make it work with ZHA?

Thank you.

Here the same problem with BTicino contactor FC80CC, I’m trying to write a ZHA quirks without success, I’m unable to power on/off the contactor.

To complete the config :

"config" : [
    {"endpoint" : 1,"cluster":64513,"attribute":0,"manufacturer":64513,"name":"Mode","type":"select","values":[{"value":3,"name":"on/off"},{"value":4,"name":"hp/hc"}]},
    {"endpoint" : 1,"cluster":64513,"attribute":1,"manufacturer":64513,"name":"Led dark","type":"select","values":[{"value":0,"name":"Off"},{"value":1,"name":"On"}]},
    {"endpoint" : 1,"cluster":64513,"attribute":2,"manufacturer":64513,"name":"Led if on","type":"select","values":[{"value":0,"name":"Off"},{"value":1,"name":"On"}]}

But I can’t get it through

My solution : My Canaletto | Home Assistant, ZHA & Legrand

Using information found in solution by Lionel / Canaletto, I’ve created a ZHA quirks for Legrand/Bticino contactor. Then I was able to set “mode” attribute to 3, so that HA is now able to set on/off state to the contactor.

I have not yet a full understanding on how ZHA quirks works.
I have to check my code before posting my pull request to github

hi, did you pull the quirk or published it somewhere? mind sharing it? i want to buy and use a fc80cc also, it’s confirmed working here Bticino DIN Contactor 20A FC80CC Zigbee compatibility with z2m but i’ve switched to zha so maybe i could get it to work with your solution.