ZHA Symfonisk Sound Controller - HA incorrectly reacting to both double and triple pressing in Automations

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I’m using the Ikea Symfonish Sound Controller paired to a ZBBridge flashed with Tasmota and integrated into Home Assistant using the ZHA integration.

I’ve been playing with writing automations for this device and I’m finding that when using the “device” trigger type HA is calling both the double and the triple click automation regardless of whether I double or triple click.

So, I have an automation with Double Click as a trigger and a second automation with Triple Click as the trigger. When I double click the device both the double and the triple click automation fire. When I triple click, same behavour.

I don’t see this problem with the single click automation. It is never called by the double, or triple click and is only called with a single click of the button.

I also don’t see the problem when using this blueprint:


I have no idea what could be causing this. Anything I can check to try and diagnose? I was watching the event bus and I can see that both automations are triggering so something is making HA thing this is the right thing to do.

Just came to say I have the same set up as you-- ZHA on ZbBridge and am getting the same result. Thanks for posting the blueprint by the way.

I’m wondering is this related to ZHA and ZbBridge or consistant with other coordinators/z2m?

I’m really not sure. I do notice that the blueprint is watching for zha_event directly to decide how to behave so maybe the “device” mode is reacting to the event incorrectly?

I believe it uses the quirk that is applied to the device to decide what is available in the GUI and how each event is triggered but I don’t know enough yet to understand.

Did you find a solution eventually? I am using ZHA and I encounter the same behavior with double and triple presses

I started using the blueprints and that seemed to help.

I see… I always disregarded the blueprints as silly, I think the time has come for me to look into them.

I just downloaded a blueprint and it seems to fix the issue. I’ll try to listen to zha events in my own automation for the sake of it and see is that works as well

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I’m really liking the blueprints and I love how the work for them also improved the automation UI.