ZHA - Temperature attribute in Aqara Motion occupancy sensor

Hi all,

I used to run deCONZ (with ConBee II) as Zigbee gateway.
Recently, I decided to migrate to ZHA, as it should be more tightly integrated with HA and thus have a better integration experience.

I uninstalled deCONZ, reset my devices, installed ZHA integration and re-linked my Zigbee devices.

I now noticed that the temperature reading I used to have for my Aqara Motion sensor while running deCONZ is no longer present when running ZHA.
This temperature reading was not an entity on its own, but an attribute of the occupancy sensor/entity.
Running ZHA, this entity only has the most basic attributes.

Also, the deCONZ integration provides a darkness attribute to the lux sensor which could easily be used to determine if there was motion while it’s dark.
Now I need to make a guestimate based on the lux value.

This looks related to a similar question about deCONZ:

Is there any way to get the temperature reading back, while running ZHA?

I have the same issue with these Aqara sensors except I am about to switch over to deCONZ to get the attributes. I don’t mind if I need to make a template sensor to get the attribute out, but in ZHA it’s completely unavailable. I thought the quirks, herdsman-converters and whatever conbee uses are supposed to be basically all in sync?

I agree if ZHA could do this by itself it would be my preferred solution.

Also noticed the “dark” attribute for the lux sensor is gone.

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I will admit I am disappointed not now knowing what the temperature is inside my mailbox due to ZHA not reporting that attribute on my Aqara vibration sensor. (nor the tilt angle of the mailbox door… THAT one was helpful)

+1 on getting the temperature attribute for the Aqara motion sensor.

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I take this still hasn’t been fixed?

I thought it would try ZHA (have been using deCONZ) and noticed the temperature sensor is missing from my Aqara Motion sensor.

It’s not fixed yet sadly… I hope that someone will take a look at it soon so I don’t have to buy a second sensor.

I must say that I have the same motion sensors and was using ZHA (no temperature). Now I am moving from ZHA to zigbee2mqtt and now I do see the temperature. Seriously surprised that a motion sensor had temperature readings.

I think ZHA does not support that entity. This is an assumption BTW, because I also moved from a ‘ConBee II’ stick to ‘CC2531’ with Zigbee2MQTT firmware.

I do not have a darkness attribute though