[ZHA] Temperature measurement of some Sonoff Zigbee SNZB-02 sensors is no longer updated

I have a dozen of the SNZB-02 sensors and some of them (which is weird) stopped updating the temperature.
The humidity and battery is reported properly, which is really weird.
Whenever I try to re-pair the devices, they publish the updated temperature, but that’s it no updates since then.
I can confirm that the temperature varies over time by more than a 0.5 Celsius degrees.
I even have 2 sensors in the same room (opposite corners) where one device updates the values correctly, but the other one does not (just humidity).

I’m suspecting some bug in ZHA integration (zigpy?).
I asked my colleague to check his setup (HASS user with the same sensors) and he confirmed that he can see a sensor with the last temperature update >1 week ago. Is there anybody else having this issue?

just to update some information:
devices are identified as:
TH01 by eWeLink
Connected via Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20210319)
Home Assistant 2021.12.2

I have these sensors but they are listed as

  "manufacturer": "eWeLink",
  "model": "TH01",

My system was updated to Version core-2021.12.3 a few days ago - I am still getting the temperatures.
I have a CC2531 as coordinator.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, the device name checks out.
I’m using Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20210319).

Home Assistant 2021.12.2 but I’m about to update.

So it looks like I managed to “fix” it.
I’ve done multiple steps and am not sure, which of these were not really needed, so I’ll list all of them:

  • I removed the battery on the problematic sensors and plugged it back after a while

  • I removed the device (not entity) from HASS

  • I re-added them

I was hesitating to do this for a while as I wasn’t sure if I’d loose the data continuity, but HASS managed to assign the entities same id after I gave the devices the original names.

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I had the same. Paired two times, both times paired well but initially measured values were never updated.

Removed the battery, deleted the device, restarted HA, paired again, now it is updating :blush:

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I’m having this exact problem still, temperature and humidity update on repairing, but then either only temperature or humidity will update after that, never both. The sensor is working very unreliably with ZHA and the sonoff dongle plus USB3. Are there any solutions?

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Usually bad battery or poor reception due to interference and too few (good) Zigbee Router devices, so start by following → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

After that also follow this → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#best-practices-to-avoid-pairingconnection-difficulties

I´m having the exact same issue with a second ewelink TH01 in ZHA, that is 1 meter away from the coordinator.
It was working perfectly in zigbee2mqtt with the exact same network, devices, coordinator and so on.

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Not a day passes and my two sonoff th01 sensors just stop sending info. Reconfiguration doesn’t work.
Using skyconnect for zigbee and thread.
Have some aqara zigbee devices workingnwell with the aqara M2 hub and O added smart plugs as If we routers for the skyconnect siliconlabs coordinator.
Remove battery remove device then try to add them and sometimes it gets stuck adding them, when it works they stop working after a while.
Almost giving up with these sonoff sensors, any help please!
Should I remove my aqara zigbee devices and connect them all directly to HA?
Checked and my wifi is is channel I while my zigbee is channel 22. Not sure what else to do.

Using HAOS btw.