ZHA Thermostat Integration / Automation

I set up HA last year to automate some Christmas Lights. I’ve pretty much forgotten everything I learned from that.

My installation is via Docker on an Ubuntu powered laptop, using a HUSBZB-1 USB stick (Zigbee and Z-Wave).

Now I’d like to integrate a ZHA thermostat. I’ve read every topic I can find, and they seem to either end unresolved, or they ramble on and on. In some cases, links provided at the beginning of the topic are now dead. So I’m completely lost as to how to add this integration.

I have my HUSBZB-1 USB stick working fine. I have a Centralite Pearl 3000 series thermostat that is not hooked up yet but powered by batteries. My HA Overview shows a fan switch and battery sensor (so far), so I know I’ve successfully connected to it.

But I can’t seem to figure out how to do anything else with it. Can someone point me to the “next step”?


Short answer, not yet.
But, there is a component in the dev branch under development.
If you dropped it in, you could use it now but it’s got some bugs.

Thanks, Doug.

If you dropped it in, you could use it now but it’s got some bugs.

That’s just it – I have no clue how to find it, much less “drop it in”.


Depends on your setup.
I haven’t bothered, as I have another option to run them and just integrate to that, so I can’t really tell you.

You’ll find a useful thread here:

Hey, Doug. Thanks for jumping in.

Depends upon your setup.

I’m sure it does. Lots of documents assume hassio, or Raspberry Pi, or a Python Virtual Environment. They often recommend commands that don’t exist on my setup. Sometimes they even assume you’re working from Windows via samba. But my setup is posted above – HA is on Docker on an Ubuntu laptop (and I failed to mention, without a Python Virtual Environment).

You’ll find a useful thread here:
ZHA Thermostat Development

Yes, that’s the primary topic I referred to (above) when I said:

they seem to either end unresolved, or they ramble on and on. In some cases, links provided at the beginning of the topic are now dead.

The link in that started that topic is now dead. But even if I found the thing that he’s referring to, my question was really about how to “drop it in”. I’d be willing to play with it and tweak it.

Now I see in that topic, @rpress asked @nerdosity if he had “copied over my files into custom_components/zha , restarted, paired the device”. And @nerdosity replied that he had “cloned the repo and moved the zha folder into custom component one.”

So I take it that I need to choose a branch that looks active and as stable as I can find, clone it, and move the files into a “custom_components” directory. Right so far?

How will HA know to use this directory? Do I need to add an “include” in configuration.yaml?


Ah ya, you’re using the same setup as me. I’m sorry that I’m a bit of a noob on this platform and on docker as a whole, so I’m no of much help. I believe the component is apart of core on the dev branch. My thought was that posting in that thread your questions might get you a wider response.

Doug, I posted there yesterday, but decided that thread was more about configuring/troubleshooting and was just trying to figure out how to get started. So I removed that post and put it here (with minor changes).


Sorry about pulling the repo. I just couldn’t support that project any more.

I’m now using Zigbee2mqtt and it’s working great. I added support for the Pearl thermostat a little while ago. It’s in dev but not master yet.

Zigbee2mqtt doesn’t support the HUSBZB-1 though. I sold mine and bought a CC1352P-2. With the HUSBZB-1 there were always a few communication errors and odd things. But now it’s rock solid. I currently have over 65 devices.


Thanks for the update. Can you give us more info on the CC1352P-2? That seems to be a module, but I can’t find a retail product that uses it.


Yes, the CC1352P-2 is a relatively new development board direct from TI. This is why there are no cheap alternatives. Also because it is a development board it does not have a plastic enclosure. I made an enclosure with a 3D printer, but it’s not required.

On the upside it supports an external antenna if you move a soldered component.

Deeper and deeper I go into this rabbit hole! Maybe I should just buy a Hubitat. :wink:


If anybody stumbles onto this topic and wonders how it played out, here’s my update:

Due to lack of automatic switching between modes, I returned my Centralite Pearl thermostats. Someone had a workaround for this, but it used a hard coded switchover temperature, and I don’t care for that.

So I’m considering other thermostats that have built-in auto-switching.

Thanks to all who offered help.


Yeah, mine has that same limitation. I also have another thermostat the Leviton RC-2000WHZB which does support auto mode.

Thanks for the input. But yikes, at $279 it ought to cook dinner!

Not everybody’s requirements are the same, so I started a new topic (Thermostats: Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave vs. GoControl GC-TBZ48) asking for input to help my selection, rather than hijacking this one.


For my Pearls I monitor the outdoor temperature and with say a threshold of 50 for over an hour, I switch to cool or heat if it’s above or below.

FYI, Adminiuga has now submitted a first pull request for “ZHA Climate” (beta) with thermostats support