ZHA visualization

Once again. Total noob but long time IT guy.

My second question. I bought a bunch of Sengled plugs and some other ZigBee motion sensors, to work with my lights. I’m just getting started and want to make sure I don’t start off in a terrible path. Things are working, but my visualization looks bad, lots of red, grey, minimal green. I’ve dropped my wifi signal down a bit but it didn’t help.

Even the plugs 10 feet apart don’t seem to turn green very much. I did the whole unplug for a few hours thing, totally reinstalled home assistant, starting ZHA, adding one device at a time working my way out from the coordinator.

I see guys with nothing but green visualizations. Do they have like 80 devices in the same room?

If I have a 1100 sq foot house, with plugs on both floors, should it not have to have some red routes as they try to talk to every one and just pick the best route?

I have learnt a lot in one week and hope to contribute a fair bit once I get a hang of this.


It looks okay to me. Give it time (as in days or even a week or two) for things to settle down and the zigbee mesh to establish itself. My mesh has shown a full mix of green, white, yellow and red lines for years now and things work just hunky-dory. (My mesh is 90 devices, 14 of them are non-repeater battery powered sensors,covering about1500sq interior and about a 20’ perimeter spread outdoors.)

Thanks. I kind of figured that as I haven’t noticed any issues. I plan on going to quite a few sensors / switches i guess with a max of 200 for the next while and didn’t want to have to redo it.

This was more of a POC before i go out and buy 40 switches and invest in it… so far i love it.

Next will be the tablet dashboards, and already linked to amazon for voice control. I may never see my wife again, but really having fun lol.

I’ll keep playing with Wi-Fi, i have several Fortinet access points set up around the house but it didn’t seem to make a difference, I even lowered Tx to 10%, and changed channels so I don’t think that was it. Usb extender and moved around the coordinator a bit too but also minimal change.

I guess, if it works, it works. One of the negatives about having this info :slight_smile:

It’s like dealing with servers/storage at work. If there is potential for better performance, I want it. Even though it’s running fine lol

If my experience is any indication, you will be hearing and seeing more of your partner as she gets frustrated and rants to you about that light in the hallway acting on its own or not participating at all. :slight_smile:

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If its working, ignore the visualization and lqi numbers in general.

I think the visualization determines color/quality of connection by lqi, but lqi is not standardized. A 120 lqi might be bad with a conbee or husbzb stick, but very good for a sonoff stick.

I have lqi’s from 10 to 156. All devices have been rock solid reliable. The device with that lowest score of 10 is probably the most triggered, most visible, and most audible automation of anything in the house. Missing even one event would be noticed, but that has never happened.

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Thats my experience with both ZWave and Zigbee…

If it works. Don’t make trouble for yourself by trying to fix a problem you don’t have.

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That visualization threw me off for the first couple of weeks - also prompting a buying spree. Even with over a dozen repeaters in my mesh, I only have maybe 3 green lines. I pretty much just stopped looking at LQI. Every once in a while I’ll check it out, and I’m lucky to get red lines in most cases.


It always help to add more Zigbee Router devices, however just follow the general tips and best practices in regards to avoiding interference, etc. and you will be fine




I have just started to experiment with a sonoff Zigbee 2.0 USB dongle Plus V2 and I have one zigbee device which is an Aqara motion Sensor. Using ZHA I can get both devices recognized but in the visualization there is no line connecting two devices. Further after the initial recognition of the Aqara device there is no obvious update of device status occuring. I am only guessing but since there is no line in the iualization and I guessing hey are not connected. Does that seem correct