ZHA vs deConz add-on

Hi. I run HA in RPi3 with a deCONZ Conbee II zigbee dongle and with deCONZ add-on running the Phoscon s/w which works fine.

Today I discovered that there is also a Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) integration available.

What are the differences and pros ans cons of using ZHA over the deconz add-on? Should I consider switching?

I assume that I cannot, or shouldn’t, use the two at the same time. Is that true?


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There are several topics on this for example this one

You can not use two solutions at the same time unless buy two adapters, but you are made a safe purchase with ConBee/RaspBee hardware for now as soon also Zigbee2MQTT will support it too. that means you will be able to use ConBee/RaspBee hardware with ZHA, deConz, and Zigbee2MQTT to try them all out with the same hardware.